Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How To Get Samsung Galaxy S8 Navigate Bar (NavBar) Your On Android Device.

Samsung company Haven made a great change in their new product (Galaxy S8) many changes are seen in it both on the NavBar buttons which was changed and also where it is located. Anyways, the NavBar also do the same works as the other NavBars just that the difference in it is the icon style which looks appetizing and I know almost everyone will like to have such feature on his or her Android.
now you can run Samsung Galaxy S8 NavBar on your Android device but the little problem here is that it works only on rooted devices.
Thus, I'll introduce you to the app and where to download it. But before I commence with the tutorial, I'll like to know - what exactly made you decide to change your phone NavBar to Galaxy S8 NavBar…

That's by the way, I'll like to proceed with the tutorial in order not to waste so much of your time but remember that only rooted phones are needed for this tutorial. Let's begin!!!

★ Since you already have a rooted Android device, simply open your Google play store and search for this app "Softkey Z" you can as well get it by clicking on the link "". Note that this app is a paid app.
So if your phone is not rooted then I'm sorry because this tutorial is not for you. secondly, it works only on Android 5+ (lollipop and above) which means that KitKat and other lower​ OS version can't be able to perform this operation. Another thing is that - to make this work on your phone, there's an app that needs to be downloaded for it and also Galaxy S8 NavBar icons (it can be in zip format or transparent images)
Grant Permission:
★ After you must have downloaded the app, launch it either directly from the Google play store or through your app drawer. Then on the first page it'll show something like checking root access and also to get along with the phone, after that a pop-up will appear asking you to grant root access and once you've granted permission to it, the next page opens.

★ Now you'll see many keys to select from, including PS2 icon but the only problem is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 NavBar icon is not one of the icons shown in the app.

How To Get Galaxy S8 NavBar Icon:
To get Galaxy S8 NavBar icon simply click on the option, then select Import Buttons.  By now you just have extracted the Galaxy S8 NavBar icon you downloaded (i.e if it is zipped) or the transparent image. Click on each label in the import button section and select the icon from your gallery, follow the same steps and fix all the buttons needed.

★ Next thing is to go back to the main menu inside the app and click on each button to fix itself in it's position. After that, click on the "✔ icon" to install it. Note that your phone will automatically reboot and after that you'll get your Samsung Galaxy S8 NavBar running in your phone. Yes, you can as well save each of the icons by clicking the save button 💾. This is to retrieve your previous work if you saved it then so it'll be easier for you to restore it back.

Wrapping up:
Samsung this time around tried something new, different from their old production way and many people are eager to get some of these features Samsung Galaxy S8 came with but it is never possible to get almost the main things embedded in Samsung Galaxy S8 without having your Android phone rooted.

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