Monday, 5 June 2017

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Reloaded Disconnection Issue Solved Via Reality Vpn V3.8

  • If you are still looking for the best and the fastest way to have all your season movies  and games downloaded on any of the local network knowing it takes Gigabyte of data.. Look no further than the glo network with Reality VPN for your downloads just like I do..

    How does it work...

    Simple.. It's a VPN app just like tweakware with daily free allocation of  350mb a day to use for your downloads   BUT if you happen to have your phone rooted u can easily use it unlimitedly by changing your device ID easily with device id changer app and rock like I do... Pics don't lie

    Anyone familiar with tweakware can easily go about using the Reality VPN.

    START.... send PAYU to 127 on your glo line to move to pay as u use package.. Please ENSURE YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE IS ALWAYS AT 0.00KB  TO AVOID CREDIT ZAPPING.

    * YOU CAN USE ANY OF THE DEFAULT APN ON YOUR PHONE SETTINGS preferably glosecure or gloflat

    *Launch Reality VPN  and click on its settings to configure as pics below


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