Saturday, 3 June 2017

How To Install Play Store On Your BB10 device

Blackberry 10 users have been enjoying the privileges of running Android apps for quite some time now but the process of installing Android apps was risky because you had to sideload the apps downloaded from Third Party Sites. But now you don’t need to sideload the APK files before you can run and enjoy it on your BB Z10 device because it is now possible to run Google Play Store on your BB10 device.

For Blackberry 10 Smartphone users to use the service like every other Android device users, here I present to you the easiest way to install Google Play Store on your Blackberry 10 device.

How To Install Google Play On BlackBerry Z10
First of all you need to download the following apk files on your BlackBerry using any browser.

Installation Process
After downloading, the names would be;
Install and run, then login with your Google account information.
Install and run cobalt.backberry.googleID, and register your device with Google Play.
Close the two apps above and proceed to the next step.
Install and run to start enjoying Google Play Store!

Note: Do not uninstall any of the above apps as doing so will make the service stop working.

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