Thursday, 1 June 2017

Top 10 Best Android Apps To stream Or Download TV Shows And Movies.

​Android has become one of the very best innovation of our time, the huge capacity and capability of functions it can perform is quite thriving. Over the years, our watching movies via the television has detoriated tremendously for we now prefer using our spare time to download and watch those movies with third party app without any interruption. 

But the main question is which android app can give you or enable you watch unlimited number of movies ,live TVshows and football matches at the comfort of your home. I did a research and have come up with the most awesome and Must have apps you ought to use to stream live shows,football matches and movies when you have spare time. Although there are many of them out there in Google play store, yet some can't give you exacly what you want. The uniqueness you desire. Let's have a look at the list of Apps below and see what they are probably made off.

1. Showbox


Showbox is certainly one of the best in the list when it cmes to streaming, downloading and watching movies via your android phone. Shoebox has its own uniqueness, featuring a recent news, seasonal movies, movie trailers, music chart. Downloading movies and TV shows with showbox is actually the best.

2. Megabox HD

Megabox is actually my favorite among the list, I got to know this essential app when showbox was updated to newest version and thus opening the app to some bugs. Don't panic its already been fixed. Megabox is updated daily with live TV shows and most recent movies. It also enables you to watch cartoon, you do probably know those cartoons your children unstoppably like to watch like the tom and jerry, kids next door, ed edd and eddy etc. The amazing thing about these app is that it enables you to use other application like ADM to download from the just have to click on custom download and it will pop up a menu asking which app you want to use for your download.

3. Cinemabox HD

Cinemabox is also one of the best app for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows, but sometimes it tends to be unreliable when trying to download your favorite movies. Cinemabox has the biggest library of movies, TV shows, cartoons and anime. Apart from the fact that it says error sometimes when downloading movies, I do say its actually good since it works flawlessing. Its probably worth a try.

4. Ustv

Ustv just like others is also among the list when it comes to streaming and downloading videos online via android app. The only feature I dislike in it is that the Ul design is quiet ancient and it takes some time to load, but once it loads you can easily stream movies broadcast and TV shows without interruption.

5. Popcorn time

Popcorn time is basically also great in streaming and Downloading movies. The only difference in popcorn time is that it gets its contents from torent sites. If you're familiar with how torent works, then this probably won't be an issue. Popcorn features latest movies, TV shows and anime. Its very interesting to use.

6. Terrarium 

Terrarium is an android app which allows you to stream, watch and download movies and TV shows free. It provides almost every TV shows and movies which you can download and save to your android device or PC and watch later. It features a great amount of TV shoes and movies, multi language subtitle and also supports chromecast.

7. Sybia TV 

Sybia is one if my favorite Apps for watching live TV shows, news, movie channels and football. One of the best reason why I recommend sybia TV is because its a very simple app that all you have to do is to click on a channel and it will start streaming endlessly.

8. Mobdro

Mobdro is a great app with a lot of channels and TV shows. Comfortably sitting at my room, I use this app to watch live football and its actually recommended if you're a football freak. I also consider it the best app for streaming, and watching live TV shows.

9. UKTV Now

Just like mobdro UKTV now is also one of the very best app for watching live matches and also great among the list of above mentioned channels. There is probably no app better than it. Its recommendly worth a try.

10. Sport TV 1.10

Just from the name of this app you should be able to tell what this app does. Sport tv firmally known as sports TV o2 perm is the best app out there for football fans, because it allows you watch live football channels using 3G option which is the basic 320p video quality and also 2G streaming option which is a low quality streaming at 240p  and helps you save data and you can watch a complete live match with just a 100-200mb. After the most recent update, the app now features more than just football channels , it now has news channels, movies channels and documentary channels.


Hope the above listed apps pleases you, having handpicked and combined those app you should probably give them a try. If by any chance I missed any from the above listed apps, then the comment box should help you list some of them for us.

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